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Raising awareness to the public and professionals about an emerging disease

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About us

Morgellons UK is a campaign website, dedicated to raising awareness in the UK.

It has been constructed by a team who are concerned by the number of reports across the UK....from London, Hertsfordshire, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow, Hampshire, Dorset, Devon.....

This site supports scientific research, relating to Morgellons - covering parasitology, microbiology and related environmental disciplines.


This site does not support any of the following:

Sensationalism - 'The X Files' type, horror story publishing, regarding Morgellons.

Conspiracy theories - Speculation on theories that cause hostility without reason.


The crux of the matter is that sufferers are not getting the professional support they need and deserve.

It is only through awareness and determination in research, that answers will be found. The sooner, the better.

Here's our Framework that this website contributes to:

Image: Framework for Action

Click here to read Our plan.


For further information, contact us.

Page updated: 25th July 2009