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Action Resouces

Most doctors in the UK are not aware that Morgellons Disease exists. Therefore, most of the general public is not aware either.

What can I do?

1) Tell people about Morgellons Disease and our UK Campaign at:

2) Print and distribute leaflets:

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Morgellons Research Foundation leaflet Side 1 PDF 54kb54kb Side 2 PDF 78kb78kb

3) Write emails and letters: Contact addresses and Emails


UK Government position as of August 2008:

Extract: "the UK Government's plan for addressing this condition, is to investigate the symptoms of each person who suffers from this condition on an individual basis. The symptoms associated with this rare condition are wide ranging and non-specific and it is important that individuals are thoroughly assessed in the first instance by their GP, and any treatment tailored to their individual needs."

(Dr Ailsa Wight Head, Infectious Disease and Blood Policy Branch, on behalf of the Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson).

In the meantime, everyday people are being affected by this disease, but are not able to access the help and support they so deperately need.


Media coverage in the UK

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