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Morgellons Environment: Insect frass

Sufferers report brown or black specks appearing in their homes. Click here to view frass shapes from skin samples

x20. Brown specks found on candle wax. The following micrographs are close ups of some these. Insect frass. x400. Samples are 800 microns in length. Insect frass. x400. Some had blue or red filaments running through them.
Insect frass. x400. Insect frass. x400. Insect frass. x400. Some of the darker samples are very similar to some of the Frass/Specks/particles leached from skin.
Insect frass. x400. Jade coloured filament just visible at sample end. Insect frass. x400. Insect frass. x400. With bright blue and red filament running through it. The insect seems to have expelled the filaments as waste. Why did the insect consume these in the first place? when? and where?