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Morgellons Environment: 'Webs'

Sufferers report irregular patterned webs, single suspended lines, accompanied with white debris in their surroundings. They are just visible without magnification and better seen with torch light. The webs can appear high up in corners or low and near to the ground. They are made by the cob web or cellar spider, who create messy, irregular webs to increase their success rate of catching very small flies.

No magnification. Webbing with what looks like a worm. x400. Webbing and insect parts. No magnification. Web behind tv in sufferer's home.
Webbing under bonnet of sufferer's car (driver's side). Webbing in-between Rhododendron leaves from sufferer's garden. It is known that Morgellons affects animals, and is possible it affects plants too. Webbing in warehouse, where sufferer believes was the source of infection.
Web running down the right-hand side of hook. The following shots are close ups of this web. x300. Amber droplets on threads. x300. Red filament running through web.