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Developing adult insects expelled from sufferer skin

Morgellon disease sufferers often observe activities related to small flies and other insects. Click here to view some narratives.

The following samples were expelled from skin pores and open lesions. Average length of samples 1mm.

Sample length 1mm. Sample was extracted from skin pore, following application of sun cream. Tar-like substance, possibly melanin, expelled from hind gut. Close up of antennae. x400. Developing adult fly extracted from skin lesion.
Sample length 1mm. Sample in developing membrane expelled from skin nodule. Sample length 1mm. Fly/wasp extracted from lump on scalp (wing insert). Sample length 500 microns. Winged insect extracted from forearm after saline bath (wings not intact).
Sample length 1mm. Developing insect in membrane, extracted from scalp. Sample length 1mm. Similar insect further developed, extracted from skin. Sample length 1mm. Developing, winged insect extracted from skin with saline solution. Note blue filament just visible.
The following samples are from a sufferer that had morgellons for 5yrs. During chemotherapy for a brain tumour (2009) the following were expelled from scalp. Above; small fly, possibly an adult fungus gnat. Sample length 1mm. Possible adult thrip from scalp. Possible fly larva and adult collembola from scalp. Collembola approx length 0.8mm.