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Information for cleaning living or work spaces

Its important to consider your living and work spaces. Addressing this will benefit your daily health.

Why? Because elements of Morgellons can persist in the environment, without a host.

The following steps can greatly reduce this issue and an initial clean will really help.

1) Remove all rugs and replace pillows.

2) Keep paper or cardboard to a minimum - these are breeding materials.

3) Spray white vinegar on ENTIRE area (furniture, drapes, carpets, mattress, inside cars, shoes, pet bedding, bare floors). Spray small area first to check against stains. Spray main areas at least weekly.

4) Wipe all surfaces using white vinegar, or disposable wipes, including mirrors and windows.

5) Wipe or vacuum walls, ceilings, untreated wooden surfaces (eg. backs of wardrobes)

6) When spray cleaner has dried, vacuum all carpets, mattresses and furniture and discard vacuum bag.

If this is a tall order, divide home into sections and clean one section at a time so you don't get overwhelmed and quit before you start!

7) Obtain a de-humidifier for your house if damp (not second hand).

8) See to damp or mold problems - this is important


After using white vinegar or an enzyme cleaner on fabric furniture, vacuum off slowly, when dry. You may want to cover furniture with synthetic throws that can be washed.

In the long run, leather sofas are ideal for keeping clean.

On-going checks to make:

1) Check your plants for infestations - do not over water them. You may need to put them outside.

2) Check general air quality in your home by shining a torch when the room is dark.

3) Check for 'silk-like' lines spanning light sources and furniture.

4) Check for re-occuring tiny midge and insects on window sills.

5) Check for highly static filaments (that look like carpet lint), on electrical goods (TV/PC screens)

6) Check for small white particles on black goods

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Please note: Progress to reduce these problems will only work if the person or animal carrying Morgellons is treating themselves: Click here for ways to do this

Page updated: 10th March 2010