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Information for cleaning clothes and fabrics

Its important to consider your laundry. Addressing this will benefit your daily health and environment.

Why? Because elements of Morgellons can persist in natural fabrics, like your clothes. Small holes appearing in cotton or silk underwear is often reported.

Laundry Care

If you find that the insides of your clothes have white debris from your skin, then do not wear the same clothing twice without washing.

Stop wearing clothes containing wool and reduce wearing cotton. Switch to wearing more synthetic fibres where possible.

1) Use a non-biological washing powder and a conditioner

2) Add to it a cup of borax or soda crystals.

3) Add a pinch of chinese menthol crystals.

3) Wash at 60 degrees.

4) Dry clothes in tumble dryer on high heat until dry.

5) Place pillows, comforters, stuffed toys, etc in dryer on HIGH heat for 30-45 min each night before bed during initial treatment stage, then as needed thereafter.

6) Vacuum fluff collector after each wash.

Once treatments start to reduce the amount of debris from out of your skin, your clothes will become alot easier to keep clean.

Product list for enzyme cleaners and more PDF 83kb (PDF 83kb)


Page updated: 26th April 2009