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Research currently views Morgellons Disease to be zoonotic - capable of being shared between animals and humans. Reports from sufferers speak of poorly dogs, cats and horses in particular.

Their symptoms can be much like humans. Here's some specific signs:

  • Itching and scratching
  • Sudden erratic movements - as if something has bitten them
  • Twitching muscles in sleep
  • Long fur growing in between paws (cats and dogs)
  • Static hair and greater hair loss
  • Dry, pale hairs growing from coat
  • White and black particles in coat
  • Small fibres coming out of coat
  • Sores and patches on legs
  • Black patches on anal area
  • Shedding of splintered claws
  • Appetite problems and refusal of wet food
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Lethargic, more sleepy than usual
  • Change in mood - causing depression or aggression


  • Treat them regularly with tablet dewormers
  • Treat them regularly with flea treatment - use natural pyrethrum not piperazine products
  • Try adding diatomaceous earth in wet food - dry food for pets is better. If giving wet food do not leave it uncovered inbetween feeding times.
  • Supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals including Vit C, E & B (try Marmite for B vits)
  • Include oily fish in food or Omega 3 supplements.
  • Cat hair balls may become more of a problem - hairball paste or hairball control food may help
  • If your pet has loose stools, try mixing Aloe vera in wet food
  • Brush their coat regularly outside (consider investing in a FURminator comb)
  • Use a clothes brush or delinting roller to help reduce coat particles during the day
  • Rub their coats with aluminium foil to reduce static hair
  • Use a non-toxic enzyme cleaning/shampoo product for their coats, such as Bug Arrest - you may want to use a animal conditioner on their coat as the enzyme shampoo will remove natuaral oils
  • Give their coats a wash using a cloth and warm green tea to reduce itching
  • Use DSP cream on sores or neem products
  • Give your pet a massage to help to drain their lymphatic system (wearing gloves if you are infected)
  • Spray pet bedding and vacuum regularly.

Bug Arrest is an enzyme plant based products that kill insects, bacterias, fungus, grease. It is safe to be used externally on plants, animals, humans and around your home, car and garden.

Product list for enzyme cleaning/shampoo products and DSP supplier PDF 83kb (PDF 83kb)


Page updated: 25th July 2010